Pomsky Breeders

This section is outlined to give detailed information on Pomsky puppy breeders. At this time breeders are scarce due the scarcity of the dog. Moreover, it is imperative to understand that Pomsky breeders are still in the stages of trying to build the Pomsky into an accepted breed. Once this happens and the Pomsky is a real breed, there will be a lot more opportunities for people to buy the dog because there will be more breeders for the dog.

The process of developing or making the Pomsky is a delicate process. As you can imagine it can be quite a challenge to mate a Husky with a Pomeranian. The two dogs are very different in themselves not to mention the huge difference in size. This can make mating or breeding the two extremely difficult. The purpose here is not to go into detail about the breeding process, but to give an overview of what breeders are doing to develop the dog and also give some tips on where you might be able to find the dog.

What are Pomsky Breeders doing in order to develop the Pomsky?

PomskyAgain I am not going to go into the breeding process of the Pomsky, but give you an idea of what breeders are doing to make the Pomsky into a real breed.

The Pomsky is not a purebred, but it is in the process of becoming a purebred.  The Pomsky can be any combination of the two breeds.  From the Husky it will usually get its coloring features, such as the color on the fur and the Husky’s blue eyes.  From the Pomeranian it will usually receive its smaller size and fuller coat on the neck.  Pomsky breeders are in the process of making Pomskies smaller.  The goal right now is to get them to an average of 10 pounds.  Again it is very hard to breed the two due to size differences

Where can I buy Pomsky Puppies?

Many people want a Pomsky puppy so bad, but don’t know where to buy the dog. For this reason many are asking, where to buy Pomsky Puppies? At this time it can be quite difficult; however, this section will show you the best-proven places to find good Pomsky breeders. These Pomsky breeders know exactly how to breed the Pomsky so that you can own and enjoy your own adorable dog! This list will be updated as more breeders are found.


Apex Pomskies

Tressa Peterson




Arctic Design Pomskies

Joline Phillips



T.C. Pomskies

Tanya Calderon



Phone: 661-313-7358



Rose Peek Pomskies

Roxanne Pickett




Delightful Pomskies





Mustain Pomskies

Cassidy Meeks




Precious Pomskies

Lexi Wolfley





Avalanche Pomskies






Lush Pomsky Puppies

Jennifer, Heidi and Megan


715-889-0446 calling or texting is welcome.


United Kingdom

BreezeBlue Pomskies

Stacey Leigh