Pomeranian Husky Mix for Sale

Many people are confused between the difference between a Pomsky and a Pomeranian Husky Mix.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it depends…  Pomeranian husky mix puppies can be very similar to pomskies and in many instances they are the exact same thing.  However, it should be noted that not all are officially pomskies.

Fake Breeders

Many breeders are trying to make a quick buck by just making a pomeranian and husky mix.  Beware, of these people, because they are not helping the cause for the Pomsky in general.  In order for the Pomsky to become an official breed it will take years of selectively breeding dogs of specific characteristics.  These so called pomeranian husky mix are simply muts and nothing more.  That does not mean they would make great pets, its just not the same as a Pomsky.

What Pet Owners Should Do

Pet owners should do their due diligence before buying any type of pet, including the Pomsky!  Proper care should be taken in investigating every breeder you consider buying the dog from.  It is sad that we live in a world where people are trying to con and mislead other people.  No one cares about your money and pets more than you do.  Make sure you do everything in your power to research and review every breeder you come across.

Pomsky Fraud

Pomeranian Husky Mix for Sale

Make sure every breeder you go to is certified by their state or local government.  Pomsky fraud is rising and you should be aware of the fact that it does exist and is rising.  Yes I know, this is not a happy subject to be talking about, but I felt that the question should be prosed.  We need to have this discussion so that we can fight against imposters trying to screw the system.  Nobody wants to be defrauded.  However, if you do find that you did not get a real Pomsky, try and take care of your animal no matter what it is!  Every animal is special even if it is just no more than a siberian husky pomeranian mix.

So again, take precaution against any type of breeder.  Make sure they are respecting local and federal laws.  If you find anything suspicious, we recommend you report it to whatever local enforcement that deals with these issues.  Be especially careful if the breeder is saying that this is a pomeranian husky mix for sale because it just might not be a real Pomsky.


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