New Pomsky Breeder in Kentucky

Hello everyone I have been in contact and have found a new Pomsky breeder in Kentucky! They are a new breeder and have written a short post below this, if you are looking for a Pomsky puppy for sale in Kentucky and are looking adopt one right away, this probably is your best chance.

Avalanche Pomskies

Avalanche Pomskies, is a small in home family breeder, located in Kentucky. We have two registered Siberian Huskies, Peyton who is black/white and Sasha our red/white girl. Both have beautiful blue eyes. We were fortunate that our girls ended up on the small side! The stud is AKC registered Creme Pomeranian that is 3 lbs with a great personality. We have a Facebook page. Avalanche Pomskies, and our web page is under construction and is We anticipate a breeding in 2-4 months, and have not started our wait list yet. Puppies will be 2000-3500, depending on color, size, etc.

Pomsky puppies for sale in Kentucky