Four new Pomsky puppies for sale in Northern California

Acacia Pomskies has a new litter and they are simply adorable.There are 2 boys and 2 girls available. They were born on Mother’s Day 5/8/16 and will be ready 7/3/16. Their prices are set at 2,600.00. All puppies come fully vet checked, age appropriate vaccinations,de-worming, and health certificate  We can arrange for pick up, delivery or shipping for an extra fee.We are located in Northern California.  For more information you can call/text 530-552-9357 or message us on our Acacia Pomskies Facebook Page or email at ~  Thank You, Cindy

Aegon 4 weeks Daeron 4 weeks Helena 4 weeks

New Pomsky Puppies for Sale in Utah

Lollipop Pomskies
435-828-6653 or 435-828-6652
Located in Vernal, Utah
I strive to produce happy, healthy lifelong pets. My three Husky moms and one Pomeranian dad are wonderful companions who live in my house and join me on many adventures. My Pomsky parents are health tested and produce beautiful Pomsky puppies. I have bred and shown dogs all my life and only breed what I consider top quality. I am able to ship as well as ground transport.
I currently have a beautiful litter of six, first generation agouti with masks colored pomskies puppies. They are currently 2 weeks old. The dam and sire of this litter is Nova and Charlie. More info can be found on my website.
pomsky pomsky pomsky image_4 pomsky Pomsky puppies for sale

6 New Pomsky Puppies for Sale!

One of our featured breeders, Katiebrooke Kennels Ireland,
have a beautiful litter of pomsky girls available 6 to be
exact. It will be 4 weeks before eye colour can be seen.
Pomsky puppies for sale
Pomsky puppies for sale
You can pick your Pomsky live on their Pomsky Puppy Cameras
Please check out their website for all information on
their fabulous Pomskies. They can deliver once you can provide
them with your full address. They also welcome anyone to their
Kennels in Ireland any-time.
Pomsky Puppies for Sale
Pomsky puppies
Husky adult
Pomsky puppies for sale
Husky with pomskies

New Pomsky Puppies for Sale from Katiebrooke Kennels!

One of our featured breeders, Katiebrooke Kennels, have a
beautiful black and tan coloured female Pomsky available,
she was born on the 1st January and they have another litter
due on the 10th February.
You can pick your Pomsky live on their Pomsky Puppy Cameras
Please check out their website for all information on
their fabolous Pomskies
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How the Pomsky Will Become an Official Breed

The American Kennel Club

In the United States, how a dog becomes an official breed is often a tedious and lengthy process. Breed recognition is given by the American Kennel Club, or AKC. There are several steps to take in order to obtain breed recognition. The American Kennel Club also determines the standards for how a dog becomes an official breed. AKC is dedicated to preserving the characteristics of purebred dogs.

In order for a breed to gain official recognition, The American Kennel Club will determine if that breed is breeding true. In other words, the breed is generating many of the same characteristics consistently. Thorough documentation is required to show this requirement. In addition to these requirements, there must be a fair amount of interest in the particular breed.

American Kennel Club

Foundation Stock Service®

Many rare breeds are also placed on the FSS list, or the Foundation Stock Service®list by request only. There are multiple prerequisites that precede, the placing of a dog on the FSS list. Firstly, an owner must complete a questionnaire about rare breeds. Secondly, it is imperative to deliver an official breed history. Breed history will show documentation of the breed for decades. Thirdly, an official breed standard is required. Fourthly, turning in photographs that show different stages of the dogs, from puppy to adulthood . How a dog becomes an official breed when placed on the FSS list is as follows: there must be an active breed club, a record with FSS of at least 150 dogs with third-degree pedigrees, and a breed standard.


In order to gain breed recognition, an active breed club is essential. This not only demonstrates interest in the breed, but also generates more knowledge and in turn the breed gains more significance. Members of the club should not only seek out new members, but encourage them to register their dogs and be active participants and not just distant associates. It is also important to stay in contact with the FSS so that they recognize persistence and true intent. Once 300 dogs are registered on the FSS list and meet all other requirements, they are placed on the Miscellaneous Class List. This is the final step before a board review and potential breed recognition.


Dogs placed on the Foundation Stock Service®List still have a chance of becoming recognized. How a dog becomes an official breed once placed on the list is essentially up to the dedication of the individuals interested in breed recognition and people’s overall interest. Although this process will more than likely take a few years, it is understandable when considering the fact that the AKC has not only a reputation to uphold, but a rigorous standard as well.

What is a Pomsky?

Pomskies are essentially a mix between a Husky and a Pomeranian. The mating process between the Husky and the Pomeranian can be quite tricky as you can probably imagine. Because of this the development of the breed is very slow.

What does a Pomsky Dog Look Like?

At this time Pomskies can come in many different colors and sizes. Examples of what you can expect in the look of the dog include the following:

• They have small perky ears with a cute looking fox head.
• They have a furry exterior that usually is more full on the chest and neck
• They look very similar to Pomeranians, but usually have markings and colors of a Husky
• Eye color is normally blue like a Husky

Pomsky puppies are approaching the popularity status of both the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian as a favorite for lap dog owners. People are starting to prefer them because they are so cute.

Because Pomskies are fairly new, they can sometimes grow up to 25 pounds. However, they weigh on average anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. The goal for breeders is to make them into a breed that is between 5 and 10 pounds. They should be at this weight range in the near future. At the moment the size of the dog depends largely on the genetic makeup it receives from its parents.

What are the Puppies Like?

Pomsky Puppies

Pomsky puppies are just like any other puppy, absolutely loveable! They are a great family dog and want to please their owners. They are very energetic and just love to play. They require a lot of exercise in order to get their energy out. Like most puppies they enjoy sleeping a lot and get bored very easily. They also like to eat a lot, because they grow fast.

A Pomsky is great to have as a member of the family, because they are great with children. They love kids and because they love to play with them. They are also great with older people because they learn to obey very fast. Pomsky puppies are great companions for anyone looking for a best friend.