Four new Pomsky puppies for sale in Northern California

Acacia Pomskies has a new litter and they are simply adorable.There are 2 boys and 2 girls available. They were born on Mother’s Day 5/8/16 and will be ready 7/3/16. Their prices are set at 2,600.00. All puppies come fully vet checked, age appropriate vaccinations,de-worming, and health certificate  We can arrange for pick up, delivery or shipping for an extra fee.We are located in Northern California.  For more information you can call/text 530-552-9357 or message us on our Acacia Pomskies Facebook Page or email at ~  Thank You, Cindy

Aegon 4 weeks Daeron 4 weeks Helena 4 weeks

New Pomsky Puppies for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, we breed our Pomskies to be great family pets. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our dogs, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Pomskies. Our family has been breeding and raising puppies for over 50 yrs.  We take great pride in our heritage and history and treat every puppy like it’s a family member.  Our pomskies are home raised, as we are not a kennel. We are located in the Kansas City region and can ship your puppy to you or local pick up is available. International shipping is available . Check out web page for more info. DNA and registered pomskies
Purebred pomskies

Pomsky Puppies Available

Pomsky Puppies Available

The Pomsky is a cross between
the Pomeranian and the Husky.Their look is similar to a
husky but smaller in size. The Pomskies temperament
may vary depending on the parents genetic inheritance,
but they are generally considered to be very smart,
loving and great pets for a family home.What comes with our pomsky puppies
Fully vaccinated
Flea Treated
Vet Checked

Delivery available or welcome to come view also
brown pomsky puppy for sale
pomsky puppies for sale
pomsky puppies for sale
Pomsky puppies for sale
brown pomsky puppies for sale

New Pomsky Puppies for Sale in Utah

Lollipop Pomskies
435-828-6653 or 435-828-6652
Located in Vernal, Utah
I strive to produce happy, healthy lifelong pets. My three Husky moms and one Pomeranian dad are wonderful companions who live in my house and join me on many adventures. My Pomsky parents are health tested and produce beautiful Pomsky puppies. I have bred and shown dogs all my life and only breed what I consider top quality. I am able to ship as well as ground transport.
I currently have a beautiful litter of six, first generation agouti with masks colored pomskies puppies. They are currently 2 weeks old. The dam and sire of this litter is Nova and Charlie. More info can be found on my website.
pomsky pomsky pomsky image_4 pomsky Pomsky puppies for sale

6 New Pomsky Puppies for Sale!

One of our featured breeders, Katiebrooke Kennels Ireland,
have a beautiful litter of pomsky girls available 6 to be
exact. It will be 4 weeks before eye colour can be seen.
Pomsky puppies for sale
Pomsky puppies for sale
You can pick your Pomsky live on their Pomsky Puppy Cameras
Please check out their website for all information on
their fabulous Pomskies. They can deliver once you can provide
them with your full address. They also welcome anyone to their
Kennels in Ireland any-time.
Pomsky Puppies for Sale
Pomsky puppies
Husky adult
Pomsky puppies for sale
Husky with pomskies

New Pomsky Puppies for Sale from Katiebrooke Kennels!

One of our featured breeders, Katiebrooke Kennels, have a
beautiful black and tan coloured female Pomsky available,
she was born on the 1st January and they have another litter
due on the 10th February.
You can pick your Pomsky live on their Pomsky Puppy Cameras
Please check out their website for all information on
their fabolous Pomskies
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How You Can Become Pomsky Breeder

Becoming an Pomsky Breeder can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. You will need to invest some money to become a breeder. Being a breeder is like owning your own small business, it requires you to understand simple accounting and good breeding practices.

This is probably more of resource for fellow or future breeders than for the average Pomsky lover. We will try to outline here what you will need to do, in order to become a breeder. We caution people who are new to dog breeding. This is not the best breed of dog for the novice canine breeder. This is because of the process it currently takes to make a Pomsky. You actually have to go to a lab or a qualified vet to get a Pomeranian or a Husky artificially inseminated. This is also one of the reasons Pomskies are so expensive at the moment.

This is a Pomsky Sleeping with a stuffed animal

We also warn against people who are trying to breed Pomskies for easy money. It’s not easy! You are going to get burned and burned fast if you think breeding an animal for profit is easy. First, you need to invest in some education on how to become a breeder. You also need to learn all of the rules and regulations in your state and local community. Just to get started you may end up spending thousands of dollars on healthy pure bred dogs. You only have a small window of opportunity to get your dog pregnant. It costs hundreds of dollars to get a Husky or Pomeranian artificially inseminated. After the puppies are born you are going to have to feed them and pay for their medical shots and other bills. You might end up with a small litter or litter of puppies that don’t have the Pomsky characteristics. So you may not be able to make money until you have tried a few times and you have had the right experience.

This is an official list of stuff YOU MUST DO in order to become a breeder.

  1. Research – You are going to need to become experts in both Huskies and Pomerinans. This will require you to read books, visit informative websites and understand the proper care of dogs both small and large. After learning about these breeds you will need to know all the charateritcs that make a Pomsky. You will also have to do your research into all the laws and regulations for breeders in your area.
  2. Buy The Dogs – The next thing you will need to do is buy a Pomerianum and a Husky. You will have to make sure they are healthy and will be sexually able to reproduce. You may need to buy two or three of each to make sure you have a large enough gene pool to choose from. This can get expensive quite fast. It is recommended to buy from premium breeders so that you know you are getting the best possible dog. You will also have to feed and care for your new dogs.
  3. Find A Vet – Vets are really easy to find, however, finding a vet that specializes in artificial insemination can be really expensive. Make sure you do your due diligence before settling with your vet of choice.
  4. Understand and Abide by the Code of Ethics – being a breeder requires you to abide by all of the code of ethics. If you are found not abiding by them, you cannot be an official breeder.
  5. Contact Us – once you have your official litter of puppies, contact us to be featured as one of our official Pomsky breeders!