Pomsky Puppies for Sale

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Pomskies are adorable little dogs that any dog lover should consider as a pet.  They are a unique combination or hybrid between a Husky and a Pomeranian.  Both of these dogs make great dogs, however; with a Pomsky you get the unique experience of having attributes of both dogs in one.  The purpose of this site is to educate those that are unfamiliar with the breed and also to give a free resource to those that would like to know where to find pomsky puppies for sale.

These pups are gaining lots of popularity of at the moment because they are so adorable and cute.  If you have ever seen one in real life or held one you know how cute they can be.

At the moment, it is not considered a real breed, because they are fairly new and the breeders are still trying to perfect them into better dogs.  So you may see that the Pomsky comes in different shapes, sizes and colors.  The best thing to do, when looking for the right Pomsky, is generally to find one that is small like a Pomeranian, but has the colors of a real Husky.

How Much do They Cost?

A big question right now is, how much are Pomsky puppies?  Finding a puppy can be hard right now because they are in very high demand at this time.  It is a fairly new dog and is gaining a lot of popularity at the moment.   So prices can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 at this time.  A lot of places also require you to sign up on a wait list and put in a deposit before buying a pup.  A good rule of thumb before putting in a deposit or buying any dog is to visit the breeder and make sure you are comfortable before purchasing.

Where Can I Find Puppies for Sale?

Pomsky Puppies for SaleAgain, because of the popularity and high demand of these puppies, it can be very difficult to find one for sale.  This website will update regularly on where to buy a puppy and give as much detail about the breeders as possible.

Now remember, breeders are still in the process of turning the Pomsky into a real breed, so you will notice a large variety of dogs.  Adults can range anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds, however; breeders are in process of getting them down to 10 pounds, which is the current goal for the breed.

This should be a great resource to find out everything you need to know about Pomskies and where to find puppies for sale.  We will continue to update our blog so that you always have the latest information.  The content section will continue to grow as we find out more about this fascinating dog.

Also, feel free to read about Huskies and Pomeranians, because after all the Pomsky is a mix between those two dogs.  This might give a better understanding of how your new puppy will behave and look like when you buy your own.

This website is currently in the process of locating all the Pomsky breeders in the entire world.  Since it is such a new type of dog we are just in the beginning stages of finding qualified breeders and there is only a handful available at this time.

If people such as you become more and more interested in the owning a Pomsky it should be easier to find in the future.

You can learn more about our verified breeders on this website by clicking here on the words pomsky breeders!

How do I get Listed as a Breeder?

We are always looking to expand our breeder database. If you are interested in getting listed as one of our official breeders, you will need to contact us through the contact form. Please give us your name, website, location, and any other important information you would like to give us. We also recommend writing a guest post, so that the community will have the chance to get to know you. You can also list your new puppies for sale with us. All you have to do is send us some pictures of your new Pomsky puppies and we will post them on our Facebook page. We are open to any suggestions you may have to make the process of listing your services and new puppies here as easy as possible.