Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Welcome to pomskypuppiesforsale.net!!!!!!  Serving you on your journey to be a Pomsky pet owner.

Pomsky puppies are adorable little dogs that any real dog lover should consider as a pet.  Pomskies are a unique combination or hybrid between a Husky and a Pomeranian.  Both of these dogs make great dogs, however; with the Pomsky you get the unique experience of having attributes of both dogs in one.  The purpose of this site is to educate those that are unfamiliar with the Pomsky and also to give a free resource to those that would like to know where to find pomsky puppies for sale.

Pomskies are gaining lots of popularity of at the moment because they are so adorable and cute.  If you have ever seen one in real life or held one you know how cute they can be.

At the moment, the Pomsky is not considered a real breed, because they are fairly new and the breeders are still trying to perfect them into better dogs.  So you may see that the Pomsky comes in different shapes, sizes and colors.  The best thing to do, when looking for the right Pomsky, is generally to find one that is small like a Pomeranian, but has the colors of a real Husky.

How much are Pomsky Puppies?

A big question right now is, how much are Pomsky puppies?  The Pomsky is in very high demand at this time and at the moment it is hard to find Pomsky puppies for sale.  The reason is because the Pomsky is a fairly new dog and is gaining a lot of popularity at the moment.   So Pomsky puppy prices can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 at the moment.  A lot of places also require you to sign up on a wait list and put in a deposit before buying a Pomsky.  A good rule of thumb before putting in a deposit or buying any dog is to visit the breeder and make sure you are comfortable before purchasing any dog.

Where can I find Pomsky Puppies for Sale?

Pomsky Puppies for SaleAgain, because of the popularity and high demand of Pomsky puppies, it can be very difficult to find one for sale.  This website will update regularly on where to buy a Pomsky puppy and give as much detail about the breeders as possible.

Now remember, breeders are still in the process of turning the Pomsky into a real breed, so you will notice a large variety in Pomskies.  Adult Pomskies can range anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds, however; breeders are in process of getting them down to 10 pounds, which is the current goal for the breed.

We hope this will be a great resource to find out everything you need to know about Pomsky puppies and where to find Pomsky puppies for sale.  If you would like to find out more about Pomsky puppies, make sure read all the content that we have on the topic.  The content section will continue to grow as we find out more about this fascinating dog.

Also feel free to read about Huskies and Pomeranians, because after all the Pomsky is a mix between those two dogs.  This might give a better understanding of how pomsky puppies will behave and look like when you buy your own.

This website is currently in the process of locating all the Pomsky breeders in the entire world.  Since it is such a new type of dog we are just in the beginning stages of finding qualified breeders and there is only a handful available at this time.

If people such as you become more and more interested in the owning the Pomsky it will be more likely that in the future they will be easier to find.

You can read more on pomsky breeders on this website by clicking here on the words pomsky breeders!

(Update March 15, 2014)

Hello readers and fans of Pomsky puppies, I have some great news for all who continue to be interested in this adorable puppy.

Because of the hot trends we are seeing with this puppy we have decided to turn this website into the premiere resource for anyone wanting to know more about Pomskies or who would like to be an owner of one. We have been receiving lots of inquires about more information about Pomskies and adopting one at the same time. We are in the process of trying to figure out a way to make this website more informative and helpful for you, the average Pomsky lover and fan.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding the following to the website:

  1. a frequently asked questions page for most common questions we are receiving about Pomskies, so if you have feedback or questions let us know so that we can add it to the list
  2. an updated breeders list so that you have an easier time finding a breeder near you
  3. more in-depth posts about adopting, owning and caring for your Pomsky
  4. information about Huskies and Pomeranians, because there has been more written about these breeds than Pomskies at this point
  5. a resource for Pomsky breeders and how to become a future breeders

All this and more will be focus of this site from now till the end of the year of 2015. Knowledge is power and we feel that a more engaged and knowledgeable readership will help us achieve our main vision and goal: making the Pomsky an official breed! This is a huge goal, but we believe this is highly feasible if we make enough ruckus on the net, the great think about this day and age is that if enough people join together, we can make thinks happen. The reason that Pomskies need to be an official breed is because it will allow more ethical breeders to emerge because official breeders of any dog must prove genealogical lines of all their dogs to prove what they and this will result in a more informed and better Pomsky ownership in the future.

So to officiate this goal we will be starting a process of starting a pledge and maybe even a foundation so that we can devote our resources into making this vision a reality. Stay tuned and keep up with us a we continue grow this website in the next few months.